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semaiyeuem_cd_jewel.jpg (13756 bytes)Bflat ProductionsThe songs below and others will be on my upcoming album Se~ Ma~i Ye^u Em to be released hopefully at some point in the future. Email me if you want to be notified when it's out. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Two of my songs have rerently been released on Bflat's "What The Pho'" CD. You can order the CD from me or directly from Bflat.

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Cha Nh?t Bu?n
28.8K | 56K | 112K | Mp3 (4.7M) | lyrics 1998 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved

This slow song is one of my first works. I worked on the lyrics in my head for a long time before I even sit down at the keyboards to play any note.

They Say
28.8K | 112K | Lyrics 1998 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved

An upbeat song with English lyrics. All about love and why I have to see my girl everyday. :-)

Ny C B
28.8K | 56K | 112K | MP3 (4.12M) Lyrics | Sheet Music 1998 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved

All of my music is about something personal to me and this song is too. My favorite song.

Phi Phai
1998 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved
V? L?i Ngy No
1998 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved
Noi Xa
1999 Chinh Do. All Rights Reserved

The lyrics

Cha Nh?t Bu?n
Words and Music: Chinh Do

Cha nh?t bu?n,
?c cu?n chuy?n di d? qun,
Th?c t?i t?m thu?ng.
nh dn mu,
G?i d?n m?t chu?i ngy di vng,
i th?t bng hong.
Em, em dang di d?n du.
Tru?c m?t ch? th?y m th?m.
Sao hay lo ngh? d?ng do,
Hy theo ti?ng g?i con tim.

?n d r?i ta s? hay.
Bng khung nhi?u ch? th? thi.
C khi no ta don du?c chuy?n tuong lai.
S? m?i cng nhau d?m say.
Th? gi?i ny c?a chng ta.
?n mai ny,
Ct b?i s? v? khng gian.

Cu?i ma H,
Th?i gian nhu ng?ng tri vo nh?ng,
Chi?u v?ng th?t bu?n.
V?n dn hoi,
n ln di?u nh?t ?y d? nh?,
Mi di?m n? cu?i.
Em, em dang di d?n du.
Tru?c m?t ch? th?y m th?m.
Sao hay lo ngh? d?ng do,
Hy theo ti?ng g?i con tim.

They Say
Words and music: Chinh Do

[verse 1] They say,
say that paradise is in your heart.
And they say,
that happiness's just a matter of thought.

[chorus] Well I don't care what they say.
Gotta have you by my side.
Paradise doesn't exist
without you.
And I don't care what they think.
Need to see you everyday.
Happiness's nonsense
without you.

[verse 2] Baby,
you look at the world differently.
I can see the confusion in your eyes.

[chorus 2] Oh babe I promise you I will
be there by your side always.
No matter what or when,
I will be there.
First let me be your brother.
Then let me be your lover.
Let's paint a perfect picture
of love.

Ny C B
Words and music: Chinh Do

[verse 1] Vy c b,
Xinh xinh v d? thuong nhi?u.
B?i v xao,
C em bu?n th? kia.
Ln mi ?y,
Cn v?n vu?ng l? s?u.
N?ng h?ng soi,
Lung linh b? mi tm.

V? dy nh,
V?i nh?ng ngy thng m d?m.
Tnh yu xua,
V?n ngn nam m?ng u?c.
? con tim,
Tm th?y ch?n thing dng.
Theo cnh chim,
V? ph? c? mua bay.

Ging sng xua ?y,
V?n cn tri,
T?ng khc l?ng l?.
V?ng bng ai,
H?n ta,
Sao th?y bo vo.
i ngu?i yu xua c?,
V?n cn chua,
D?ng bu?c phiu du.
Hy d?n v?i ta,
? ma Xun,
R?ng r? mun hoa.

[chorus in English]
Don't go away,
baby don't do,
you're tearing my heart.
It is so sad,
so sad,
without you.
Oh the bright blue sky,
has since grown,
a bit darker.
Come back to me,
oh please,
come back to me.

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