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Chinh Do's Studio

Here's a listing of what I have. It's kind of outdated (I got more stuff now!). Someday I'll provide a way for you to remotely control and monitor my studio right from here. He he... really.


Ensonid SD-1 Synthesizer Unique sounding synth. Popyphonic aftertouch. The interface is very intuitive and allows very quick edits. My favorite live-performance synth.
Korg 01/W Synthesizer Excellent pianos and new-age type sounds. The black keys get sticky after a while and I haven't had time to fix them yet. One thing I hate about this is it's really heavy. Every time I have to drag it to a gig it's a pain. Check out the Korg01w-List mailing list which I operate.
Korg 03R/W Synthesizer Module Same sounds as the Korg 01/W without WaveShaping. I use this one for drum sounds, additional polyphony and General MIDI. Good pads. I have to bring this one to every gig. Check out the Korg01w-List mailing list which I operate
Korg Prophecy Synthesizer Amazing sounds. Lots of controllers to fiddle with. Only got 1 note of polyphony.
Roland U220 Synthesizer Module A sample playback module. Good acoustic piano and strings. The fretless bass is nice too.
Roland D110 Synthsizer Module A real synthesizer. Can make very good analog sounds.
Roland R-8 Drum Module The all-time best drum machine. Very realistic hihats. I wish it has built-in effects.
Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar A nice looking guitar. There's something wrong with the sound however. Maybe I just need to get new strings.
Acoustic Guitar A gift from Brazil.

Other Hardware

Alesis 3630 Compressor General purpose compressor/noise gate.
Alesis M-EQ Graphic Equalizer Two channels of full-spectrum EQ in one rack space.
Alesis Quadraverb Effects Processor Good all-around effects unit. I use this for vocal reberbs.
JBL Monitor 4206 Near-field Monitors I use these to monitor my mixes and also to watch TV. Good sound.
Shure SM-58 Dynamic Microphone The world's most popular stage mike.
Zoom 2020 Guitar Effects Processor Great guitar effects in a compact package.
Allen & Heath GL2 16 channel Mixer An English mixer. I need to fix this thing... a few channels are not working.
Aphex Studio Clock SMTE Generator I bought this used for a couple hundred bucks. The idea was to use it to drive my sequencer at gigs so that the sequences follow the musicians and not vice versa. I haven't been able to get it to do that so this unit is now officially useless. Someone asked me to make a copy of the manual since Aphex doesn't provide them anymore. You can view the manual here.
Yamaha MS-6 Powered Monitor High quality powered monitor. I use this one as a personal monitor on stage.
MusicQuest MQX-32M MIDI (Interface) 2-port MIDI interface. It works.
Creative SoundBlaster 16 Basic soundcard. This is what I use to record audio using my PC.
Gateway P-120 PC I use this for lots of stuff besides music.
Yamaha 16-channel Mixer Keyboard mixer.
Alesis RA-100 100W power amp.


Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.0 A very powerful sequencer. MIDI sequencing plus audio recording. Version 6 even has pattern sequencing and multiple sound card support.
Coda Finale 3.7 The most powerful notation software available under $1000. And all I am using it for is to do lead sheets. The interface is a night mare.
PG Band-In-A-Box 7.0 Auto-accompaniment software. You provide the chord progression, the software plays the rest of the music. I got to have fun once in a while too!
Sound Forge 4.0 Audio recording. I use this application to record long audio files to convert to RealAudio or MP3.

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