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Fantom Star's Music

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Quy`nh Hu+o+ng
Performed by Nini

Chu'a Nha^.t Buo^`n
Words and Music by Chinh Do - Performed by Chinh Do

They Say
Words and Music by Chinh Do - Performed by Chinh Do

New Wave "Oldies"

Back in late 80's and early 90's, the Vietnamese dance scene went crazy with a style of disco called  "New Wave". Songs from groups such as Modern Talking, CC Catch, and Bad Boys Blue could be heard anywhere a Vietnamese dance floor was near. We thought we'd pay tribute to New Wave by inviting you to listen to some of the New Wave favorites here. If you are old enough to remember the New Wave phenomenon, we're sure these songs will bring some good memories.

New Wave Song Clips
(You're My Heart You're My Sold - Modern Talking
'Cause You're Young - CC Catch
Pretty Young Girl - Bad Boys Blue
Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking
Heart Break Hotel - CC Catch
You're a Woman - Bad Boys Blue)

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